Class to Closet: About Me

About Me

Welcome to Class To Closet, my name is Nicole!
I'm currently a student at The Ohio State University: born & raised in good 'ol Ohio! One day I see myself living in a large city, but for now everything is fine here. I am 22 years young and studying Communications with a focus in PR! I have a passion for anything beauty, fashion, fitness, and so much more! Most of my pictures are taken by my wonderful photographer boyfriend, Tyler. We've been together for six years and he's my rock. If I'm not in my bedroom hooked to my computer, you can usually find me outside on a run or at the nearest Starbucks. I love to read, write, shop, travel, and grab brunch with my friends.

I want this blog to be an escape from your everyday reality. I want you to feel at home, and enjoy what you're reading about. I hope you stick around, we've got lots to cover!

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xo Nicole