Class to Closet: The Best Face Masks | Tech, Mud & Sheet

Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Best Face Masks | Tech, Mud & Sheet

I don't know about you, but as the weather gets warmer my makeup routine gets more and more minimal. The less makeup I wear, the more you can see the impurities that are on my skin. This means that my skincare game needs to be on point! How do I do that? By making sure I'm pampering my skin with my weekly or daily face masks! My skin health is very important, especially as I age. Today I wanted to share with you three masks that are keeping my acne at bay, drying up any spots I might have, and also moisturizing my dry skin!

This year it seems that technology is everything. Mobile tech, wearable tech and now skincare tech! Neutrogena's Light Therapy Acne Mask is my newest skincare obsession. It has blue and red lights that targets bacteria and reduces any inflammation. Match made in heaven!

My second favorite mask is a good mud mask. Shea Moisture is one of my favorite skin and body care brands, and their clarifying mud mask is my favorite to use if my skin is feeling dull and irritated. I feel that it pulls all of my impurities out of my skin while also calming it because of the tea tree oil!

My last favorite mask is a paper sheet mask, which always gets giggles out of my roommates or boyfriend, ha! These new ones from Yes To are amazing. The coconut is super hydrating while not feeling overpowering. Not to mention, the masks don't fall off while I'm doing things such as laundry or chores, which makes it an A+ in my book!

Will you be trying out the new tech craze and bringing it into your skincare for gorgeous skin?!

Let me know in the comments how you're taking care of your skin this spring and what your favorite masks are!

You can pick all of my favorite masks + tons more at your local Meijer!

xo Nicole

Thanks Meijer for sending over all these amazing masks! xo 


  1. That light cracks me up! It's so futuristic. I like Yes to products, but I just tried the Yes to Tomatoes Charcoal mask, and I wasn't thrilled with it. It don't think it actually did anything.
    I'm so with you, though, minimal make up when it starts warming up!

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