Class to Closet: January 2017

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Pinterest Inspired Home Renovations Wish List

Anyone else finding themselves spending hours upon hours on Pinterest? In the winter when it's chilling temps outside, I definitely tend to stay inside watching Netflix and pinning away for my future. Today I'm sharing with you a few home renovations that I wish I could do. I absolutely love watching shows on HGTV when they flip houses and one day hope to be able to do that on my own. Your home is your personal space and it always feels much more cozy and relaxing when you can make these changes that are your own personal style.

The first thing thing I've been drooling over is Clawfoot bathtubs. I am a huge bath gal. I love taking baths with Epsom Salt for my sore muscles or a gorgeous Lush bath bomb when I want a little treat. These tubs are beautiful and I can definitely see myself relaxing in one with a nice glass of wine!

The next item I have been lusting over is sort of random but would be amazing, especially for when I have kids! I want an electric bathroom faucet. Like I said, a little random but I feel that the convenience would be amazing! I think this would be great to have, especially in the bathroom when kids have a hard time turning on the faucet when they are trying to brush their teeth or do every day tasks!

The last item kind of goes hand in hand with the other faucet, but in the master bathroom I would really like a single hole bathroom faucet. I feel like these are very ascetically pleasing, especially when you are doing a renovation! To me it's really about the little things that really make the place, especially the bathroom, feel put together!

Let me know in the comments what bathroom renovations you would do if you were able! And if you are in the market to do some renovations, be sure to check out Plumbtile for all your needs!
xo Nicole

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