Class to Closet: July 2016

Monday, July 18, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2016

If you read any blogs or you have an Instagram account, I'm certain that you have been flooded with content from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale this year. It seems to be the most trendy sale of the year. I've shopped it for a few years now, and I figured I would show you my top picks. Keep in mind I'm on a college budget however I still wanted to pick up a few great things for fall!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Lazy Girl To Fit: How To Start Your Fitness Journey

Man has it been awhile. I took a little break from blogging & YouTube to enjoy myself in my second to last year of college. I honestly had a lot of fun, but I found that I sort of "lost myself" along the way. I wasn't feeling like myself and wasn't participating in all of my favorite hobbies. I stopped working out, blogging, filming YouTube videos, caring about fashion, and basically anything else that had anything to do with what I love. 

However, today I'm back in action and I'm so excited about this new series coming to my YouTube channel and blog! This past Monday, I posted a video talking about how I had gained a lot of weight and was not being as active as I like to be. Therefore I am starting this fun new series that will hopfully keep me accountable & motivated! I'm going to be vlogging about how I am changing up my lifestlye and transferring back into a healthy lifestyle!

You can join me below for new videos every Monday documenting my journey!
Cheers to stop being lazy and onto becoming fit ;)