Class to Closet: Winter Skincare Routine

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Winter Skincare Routine

Today we're talking about skincare. I have dry, acne prone skin that absolutely loves products that are organic, clean & moisturizing. Today I'm sharing with you my current winter skincare routine! 

As I said, I have rather dry skin so I definitely need a hydrating skincare routine, especially in the winter when the air is cold and the rooms are dry. I first start out by using my Ocean Mineral Cleanser. This cleanser is different then what I usually use because it's a gel consistency and doesn't foam up. I like it because it helps my face feel clean but not striped of moisture. I then move on and use my LUSH Ocean Salt Scrub. This product is amazing. It has so many great oils that are moisturizing and also has the sea salt I need to exfoliate the dead skin off. Pro Tip: This scrub has a splash of vodka in it so it totally tastes like a margarita ;)

2-3 times a week I use a mask and I've been loving Lush's Mask of Magnaminty. It dries up any acne without over drying my face. It's also a great product to use to try to get rid of any dark spots. 

Once my face is dry, I hydrate my undereyes using my Burts Bees Eye Cream which is really hydrating. The final step is a rich moisturizer and I love this one from Simple.

I hope you enjoyed learning about my winter skincare routine. Leave your favorite products in the comments!

xo Nicole

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  1. I use that same facial cleanser and loved the salty scent of it, definitely made me feel like I was at the beach!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista