Class to Closet: Safe & Stress Free Online Shopping With Sudo

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Safe & Stress Free Online Shopping With Sudo

I feel like the days of going to the mall to pick up a new dress or your favorite mascara are long gone. It's so much easier and enjoyable to be able to shop from the comfort of your own home with a glass of coffee or wine. Then just a few days later you'll get a knock on the door from the UPS man, a.k.a. the nicest man in your life, with a present with your name on it. I feel so empowered and relaxed being able to find new clothes online. The only concern is, how safe is our personal information on the sites we're shopping on?!

I recently downloaded an app called Sudo and it has made my online shopping experience so much better! By using this app I feel in control of what I'm buying and the information I'm using to purchase. This past weekend I purchased three different red lipsticks because I could not decide which shade would look best on my skin tone and I wanted to find the perfect one for Valentine's Day! Sudo made buying the lipsticks so much easier and stress free! I got to use my alternative email address, phone number, and credit card with Sudo to order the lipsticks without even having to leave my house!

Sudo not only has a safe communication with customizable phone numbers and email, but a secure browser, and SudoPay that protects you from credit card and identity theft. The app and its functions are extremely user friendly, allowing for emails, phone calls and texts to go directly to the app, rather than your phone itself.  If you are dealing with online shopping or dating, you know your information is safe with SUDO!

Get the Sudo app here so you can shop stress free with me!

xo Nicole

Thanks Sudo for sponsoring this post! 


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