Class to Closet: How To De-Stress During Finals

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

How To De-Stress During Finals

Hey guys and happy finals week to all my college readers out there! I don't know about you, but this week is the beginning of my week of torture (.. I mean finals). It is so hard to get myself motivated to study when all I want to do is listen to Christmas music and bake cookies. However, I got my booty in gear and today I'm sharing with you my top 5 tips to help you de-stress during finals week, or any other time of the year!

1. Stay Positive
College is only one season of your life, try to remember that. Your grades are very important, however make sure you're staying sane while trying to get your good grades! Staying positive will help your overall mental health during a stressful season of your life!

2. Look Your Best
This tip is definitely superficial, but I feel the best when I actually get dressed and put on a little mascara. I'm not suggesting a full face of makeup and your hair perfectly curled, however feeling put together will help you feel less stressed (and you'll fool everyone else into thinking you have it all together, ha!)

3. Don't Skip Your Workouts
Working out is so important when you're stressed out. It will reduce your stress levels as well as give   you all sorts of positive endorphins! If you can't find time for your normal workouts, just grab your yoga mat and stretch it out for 5 minutes! 

4. Eat Well
Your brain and body need nutrient dense foods, especially if you're drinking lots of coffee to stay up to study! Make sure you eat a lot of proteins and veggies to keep you fuller longer!

5. Get Enough Sleep
This one is laugh worthy, but it's so important to make sure you are getting enough rest whenever you're stressed out!

Let me know your de-stress tips in the comments!

Good luck on your exams,
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1 comment:

  1. My finals this semester were different (I'm a senior, so they were more like presentations!) but I think all of those same things apply. I also am a to-do list freak, I put things down in order of when they need to be done and it really helps me finish things in a timely manner!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista