Class to Closet: Top Fitness Trends For 2015

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Top Fitness Trends For 2015

2015 is in full swing, and I hope y'all haven't given up your resolutions yet! If getting in shape was at the top of your list, good news. I've got a handful of the trendiest fitness obsessions of 2015! I feel as if some of these have been talked about for awhile, but in 2015 everyone is going to be doing them! So start early, and jump on the bandwagon!

HIIT workouts = high intensity interval training. These types of workouts alternate between short then high bursts. Say you're running: walk for a minute, sprint for two minutes. These types of workouts burn the most fast in the shortest amount of time.

2. Personal Training
One on one workouts are going to be where you see the most results. Sure, it might be more expensive, however your personal trainer can help you with specific goals for yourself.

3. Group Personal Training
Want to have personal training, cut the cost, and be able to socialize? Opt for group personal training. You will still be able to set personal workouts and goals, you'll just be doing it with your girlfriends!

4. Strength Training
We now know that if women do toning and strength workouts, as well as cardio, they aren't going to bulk up but tone up. Strength training not only tones you, but has a lot of health benefits like boosting your mood to boosting your memory. 

5. Fitness For Older Adults (AKA our parents)
More and more research is coming out talking about how beneficial working out is as we age. Therefore, older adults are now starting to workout more to slow down aging. 

What fitness trends are you seeing in the news or around the internet?
xo Nicole


  1. Great trends! This is such good motivation for the new year. xx


  2. I love trying all different kinds of different workouts. I get bored easily doing the same thing over and over. The next thing I want to try is barre... I have yet it, but I hear great things!

    Natalie // Sprinkled with Pearls

  3. I love the idea of group personal training, I know when I have someone working out with me it's definitely motivation for me!

    xoxo, SS

  4. Thanks for sharing all this! I'm kind of new to the whole being-fit-and-healthy thing so it's kind of at a progressive stage right now, but I am thinking about getting a personal trainer some time in the future. Also checked out that HIIT thing once, but never got to follow their plan. Maybe I should! Awesome post <3

  5. Nice post ;) I'm not so in trends but I do yoga from this year :D Keep your fingers across to I would have motivation :D Greetings from Poland ;*

  6. I seriously love HIIT workouts and also loving Spin this year!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  7. I love HIIT workouts!! They are fun to me haha :P

  8. Hit is such a great worked out. I have done it a few times.

  9. I wear a FitBit everyday and try not to go to bed until I hit my goal!! I'm also trying the Whole 30 this month!

    Dimples of Dixie

  10. Love this! Have you seen our get fit 2015 blog post series? we just posted about the Bikini Body Guide earlier this week!
    xo, Jennifer
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