Class to Closet: Christmas Sweater 101

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Sweater 101

Around this time of year, there's a high chance you can find me in a Christmas related sweater even if I'm not going to a Christmas Ugly Sweater Party. I just think they are adorable and festive and I love them! Today I put together a list of festive sweaters that are from a handful of different retailers and at different price points. These would be perfect if you have an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party coming up this season!

Hoover over the sweater to see the brand and price. Click to be directed to the exact product! 

I hope you enjoyed. Tell me in the comments if you have any Xmas sweaters you love!
xo Nicole


  1. I want all of these!! :D

  2. I want all of them!! love love love!!

  3. these are too cute. I need to get mine out and wear it.

  4. Love your options Christmas sweaters are super fun!

  5. Love that Topshop sweater! What a festive post! It's so fun to dress for the holidays.


    La Joie de Vivre

  6. I've actually never been to an ugly sweater party and I feel like I'm missing out!!

  7. I just love all of your fun holiday sweater picks! I have a giveaway going on the blog, I hope you'll check it out:)

    Heidi D.

  8. Haha these are just perfect! Love love love.
    xo Southern Style

  9. Haha I feel the same way about those sweaters! I have a knit vest of kittens in santa hats playing with yarn and it's one of my favorite things e-v-e-r! I especially like the "what the elf" one you find haha cheeky!

    xo marlen
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