Class to Closet: My Favorite iPhone Apps!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Favorite iPhone Apps!

I don't know about you, by my phone and I are bffs. I feel like I'm always on my phone for play or for work. If you watch my YouTube videos, you would have seen the What's On My iPhone tag I did back in the spring. Well today I figured I would share with you my top favorite apps! 

1. Instagram
Okay this might be a "duh" app but it truly is my absolute favorite on my iPhone. I honestly don't know what it is. It's just a bunch of people that take fabulous looking pictures that we all like and droll over. Honestly, it's so stinkin' addicting to scroll through everyones pictures. I'm a little too obsessed.

2. Fitbit
I wear a fitbit almost every day to track my steps, calories, sleep, ect. The app makes it SO easy to track all of those things and so much more in just one place. 

3. Starbucks
I'm a coffee girl. This app makes my life so much better because it is hooked up to my personal reward system. After so many drinks, I get a free one! Nothing, I repeat, nothing is better then a free coffee!

4. Faded
Speaking of Instagram, Faded is my favorite photo to edit my insta pictures with. I use a handful usually, but faded is my favorite because there's so many things I can do with it! Let me know if you would like to see a full post on how I edit my insta pictures!

5. Couple
This app is very unique for anyone who is in a relationship. It basically is your little home when one of you are away. You can play real time games together, send eachother quick notes, sync up your calendars, draw together, and so much more. I think it's comforting for when Tyler is away. We don't use this much currently, but next year when we are living in two different places, we definitely will get a lot of use out of it!

Let me know in the comments what your favorite iPhone apps are!

xo Nicole


  1. I just downloaded the Faded app - can't wait to try it out!

    xoxo, colleen
    Pleather & Sparkles

  2. I love the Starbucks app! I agree... what is better than free coffee :-)

    PS... love your iphone case!


  3. Hahahaha yes, apps are my bff's, too! I sometimes just go on my phone to look for new ones lol. I've never tried out numbers 2, 4, or 5, but I'm about to go check them out right now!! :)


  4. Instagram! Tops always! Mine would be Instagram, Snapchat, 2048 and Best Budget. The Couple app sounds cool !

    Aniekeme for TFLA

  5. I'm a total Instagram addict! I've never heard of Faded but I'm so excited to check it out now!

  6. I love Insta and faded :)
    Nice Blog btw! Would you like to follow each other?
    Check out my blog and facebook page:

  7. Your gold iphone cover is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    Our Life is Beautiful

  8. Is that an Erin Condren planner? I'm thinking of getting one, but a little sad to be leaving my Lilly ones behind... how do you like it?

    - Sarah :)

  9. Your planner is gorgeous!

    I would love a post on how you edit your Instagram pics.

    Mina | Cream Coloured Ponies