Class to Closet: Run Less, Party More

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Run Less, Party More

Tank: VS Pink
Jacket: Sams Club
Shorts: FILA Kohls
Shoes: Asics 
Hat: Nike

In honor of today being my last day of being 20, I thought nothing was better then this "run less, party more" workout tank! Yes, I wear this type of outfit when I go running but I also wear it to my college classes sometimes. I hate to say it but when I'm up till 2 am studying (or watching Gossip Girl…), nothing sounds better then shorts and a tank for my 8 am class!
Can we talk about how I'll be 21 tomorrow! Eeeecckk so many mixed emotions! But I'll save that for tomorrow!

xo Nicole


  1. I love tops from VS Pink line. They're always super fun!


  2. haha happy bday (early).

    I wish I could party more and still fit in my pants! haha
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  3. woo hoo!! what will you do? what will you do?! have a great one :)


  4. Oh the irony! Haha I love it!

  5. Hurrah, that’s what I was trying to get for, just what a stuff Presented at this blog!! Thanks admin of the site.