Class to Closet: Fall Lipsticks

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fall Lipsticks

From left to right:

Fall is my favorite time for dark lips and dark nails (post coming soon on that topic..). Today I figured I would share a few of my favs! I feel like berries and wines are perfect for this time of year. The colors go with the leaves and leave any skin tone looking flawless! I also love a good nude any time of year, as well.
MAC Fleshpot- The perfect nude. Not too coral and not too brown. I think this lipstick goes great with a dark smokey eye!
Covergirl Embrace- This is the perfect berry colored lipstick. It's a little more purple then rebel, and would look best on olive/ more tan complexions!
NYX Licorice- The perfect vampy lipstick. This color is a good mix between dark purple and red!
MAC Rebel- The iconic fall lipstick. Who doesn't loveee Rebel? I know I do! Perfect to throw on sheer for a light wash of color or easy to build up to look more vampy!
Revlon Cherries In The Snow- I love a good red lip all year long. But when it's fall and turning into winter, I always pull out this lipstick! It's perfect because it also makes your teeth look super white!!

What are your favorite fall lippies? Do you change them up per season?!
xo Nicole


  1. I love fall lipsticks, the plum is always my favorite!


  2. I also love red lips year round...I'll have to try the Revlon Cherries in the Snow. They're all so cute!

  3. These are the perfect fall recommendations! Love the Revlon Cherries one!

  4. Love how you showed them all on your arm! Definitely a great way to see the differences...might have to get some of these soon!

    xo, katie // a touch of teal

  5. I love fall shades, these are pretty!

  6. Love fall, dark lipstick colors! Great lipsticks!

  7. OMG this post totally makes me excited for Fall!


  8. These lipsticks are so pretty! So excited about Fall.

  9. love mac rebel and revlon cherries in the snow!! perfect shades for fall/winter!

    Animated Confessions

  10. I need that NYX Licorice lipstick. It would be the perfect bold lip! I need some good Fall colors for make-up bag. This post was a total inspiration!

    -Courtney from Barefoot in Blue Jeans

  11. Love them all! So perfect for Fall:) xo, Hayley

  12. Hi sweetie,
    I really love these lipsticks
    So perfect for this season
    Maggie D.
    ps: I follow you on bloglovin ;)
    The Indian Savage diary Fashion Blog