Class to Closet: 2014

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Realistic New Years Resolutions

This time of year, New Years Resolutions is a hot, hot topic. Today I'm sharing with you a handful of resolutions to help you to start thinking of your own. My list is full of realistic resolutions and not just the basic "get fit" (because I know you're already totally fit.. right?).

1. Take your parents out to dinner. 
2. Eat more fruits & veggies.
3. Drink more water.
4. Invest in matching underwear sets. 
5. Give blood.
6. Take an art or cooking class.
7. Watch less Netflix. Read more.
8. Give more complements.
9. Don't be on your phone at dinner.
10. Take a social media break.
11. Dance in your bedroom, your bathroom, your kitchen. 
12. Stop playing iPhone games.
13. Spend more time on your insta edits.
14. Call your mom once a day. 
15. Cut down on drunk texts and calls. 

What are your New Years Resolutions?
xo Nicole

Monday, December 29, 2014

Interview With Katie's Bliss

Today I'm sharing with you an interview I got to do with Katie from Katie's Bliss! I've been reading Katie's blog for over two years now and I enjoying reading it every day. I look up to Katie because of her fashion sense and also because she is a working gal in NYC. She runs a wonderful blog and also works a 9-5 job in the city. Talk about living the dream! 

Here is just a quick interview with Katie!

-How has blogging changed your every day life?
I've been blogging for almost 5 years so I can't really say! It's so much a part of my everyday routine that I can't even remember what my typical day was like before I started my blog.

-What is your go to beauty product that makes you feel like a million dollars?!
Any mascara that makes my lashes look long and full. Right now I am loving Tarte's Amazonian Clay mascara. 

-What’s your current manicure?
I just had one done at Jin Soon Spa in the West Village. It's a pale pink topped with gold metallic stripes. 

-What is one important tip you would give to new bloggers?
Be patient and consistent. Building a readership can take years!

Huge shout out to Katie for answering these questions. Make sure you check out her blog, if you haven't already!
xo Nicole

Saturday, December 27, 2014

10 NYE Dresses Under $100

I know I'm a little bit late, but today I'm sharing this post with you in honor of finding the perfect New Years Eve dress! When I'm shopping for my NYE dress, I need something that sparkles but is also classic so I can wear it time and time again after NYE. The dress also needs to be under $100 considering I'm on a college student budget! Today I found ten gorgeous dresses that would be perfect for any New Years Eve party this year!

Just click on the dress to check it out on the retailers website!

Do you know what you're going to wear this NYE?!

xo Nicole 

Monday, December 22, 2014

Casual Pairing

Ahhhhh, happy Monday.. happy first day of the week of Christmas!! Are you ready?! I cannot believe Christmas is almost here.. I still have a little bit of shopping to do! I've been working two retail jobs this season, so I've been a little busy. However I am so excited that Christmas is almost here! This time of year makes me go a little Starbucks crazy. My current favorite drink is an easy skinny vanilla latte!

I am in love with this outfit because it's casual yet put together (aka my life). I think the striped top paired with a statement scarf looks great! Not to mention this red scarf is perfect for this time of year!

I hope you're having a lovely Monday.
Xo Nicole

Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas In German Village

Yesterday Tyler and I went to German Village in Columbus. If you didn't know I'm from Ohio and don't live too far from Columbus. This was actually my first time visiting and I fell completely in love. Tyler's heritage is German so he was very excited to check out the restaurants and try all of the German food. 
 I was so excited to go at Christmas time because all of the houses are beautifully decorated for the season! We even found a little shop that sold many, many Christmas decorations! We stopped at a local coffee shop, Stauf's. I got this amazing vanilla latte that I'm only dreaming about this morning. There's something about a small non commercial coffee shop, they feel like hidden gems! 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
xo Nicole

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Interview With The College Prepster

I know I've recently started my own blog, but I've been reading other blogs for years. I recently had the opportunity to ask one of my all time favorite bloggers, Carly from The College Prepster, a few questions. I thought I would share this interview with y'all today! Carly runs a wonderful lifestyle blog that covers everything from fashion to everyday life in NYC. I asked her a few questions I was dying to know the answers to and thought you might be interested in hearing her answers as well! Enjoy!

-Introduce yourself:

Hi! I'm Carly. I started my blog six years ago when I was a freshman in college. Now I live in NYC!

-How has blogging changed your every day life?

Blogging was definitely the best creative outlet for myself in college. I used to blog in between classes as a break. When I graduated school, I got a job in the city and would blog at night, but I'm happy to say that now I blog full time! It's crazy to think that something I started for fun in college turned into my actual job!

-What is your go to beauty product that makes you feel like a million dollars?!

I joke that I don't feel complete without my "eyebrows." I use a brow shaper that's like mascara for your eyebrows. I'm really into a bold brow!

-What’s your current manicure?

Essie "Aperitif"

-What is one important tip you would give to new bloggers?

Write and share things you'd want to read yourself!

Let me know in the comments what bloggers you would love to interview!
xo Nicole
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Monday, December 15, 2014

Holiday Playlist + $50 Amazon Giftcard GIVEAWAY

This time of year my favorite thing to do is Christmas shop. I actually love online shopping way more then going out into the crowds. I spend my evenings in bed listening to Christmas music and online shopping for the perfect gifts. Today I'm sharing with you my favorite Christmas music as well as giving one of you a chance to win $50 to Amazon to help you with your Christmas shopping!!

1. White Christmas - Michael Buble
2,.Kelly Clarkson - Wrapped In Red
3. Santa Baby - Michael Buble
4. It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas - Michael Buble
5. Deck The Rooftop - Glee Cast
6. Greatest Time Of Year - Aly & Aj
7. Blue Xmas - Miles Davis
8. All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey
9. Welcome Christmas - Glee Cast
10. This Christmas - Chris Brown

What's on your Christmas playlist!?

Want to win a $50 Amazon giftcard to help with your holiday shopping!?
xo Nicole

Finals Week 'Fashion'

In honor of my last day of this semester and my last final, I thought I would share with you what I've been wearing basically all week! For me, finals week is very stressful. I'm at the point where my mind is already focused on Christmas vacation but for some reason I still have exams to take. Today was my last one (in Chemistry..yuck) and this is what I wore. I think it's very important to be comfortable when you're trying to focus on school work. I spent a lot of time in the library and this jumper kept me extremely warm and comfortable!

Let me know how your college finals went in the comments!
xo Nicole 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Holiday Party Dresses

I feel that this time of year, we are all in need of a fabulous party dress. Well don't you worry, because I've got you covered. I found this website Aviva Dress ( . They have everything from prom dresses, evening dresses, cocktail dresses, and even wedding dresses! I really liked these dresses because of their prices. They also ship world wide! This company is from the U.K. but it's great because they also ship everywhere else! 

I am just in love with a red dress for holiday parties. I think this year I want to wear a red one on NYE! Tyler and I usually just go to small parties on NYE, but I've always wanted to go to one of the big parties at one of the nice hotels in town. Some people go to house parties, some go to bars, some go bowling... what do you usually do?! 

Let me know in the comments what color dresses you're planning to wear to holiday parties this year! If you're looking for great dresses for holiday parties or even NYE, check out Aviva Dress! 

xo Nicole

Thursday, December 11, 2014

How To Survive Holiday Parties While Dieting

I know exactly how it is when it comes to holiday parties: lots of cookies, drinks, and calories we don't really need. Sometimes it's totally okay to splurge, but when you're on a diet, or trying to live a healthy lifestyle, you need to guidelines when it comes to holiday parties. Today I'm going to share with you a few suggestions on how to survive the holiday parties without gaining any extra weight!!

At The Bar:
Just be aware of how many calories are in your favorite drinks. Beer and wine average around 120-170. Something like Jack & coke around 200 and champagne around 96. So pick your poison and keep it to one or two drinks max. 
My favorite that's low in cal? Cranberry juice mixed with club soda and a touch of vodka. Looks super festive and bubbly and UNDER 50 calories! 

At The Buffet:
Try to eat small portions, and in this case you can have a little of everything! Take just about a bite or two of your favorite dips, casseroles and meats and you'll be okay on your diet. You get to enjoy everything, without adding on any extra weight. Try to avoid the excess cheese and anything fried. Load up on fruits and veggies and salads!

At The Dessert Table:
Let yourself indulge a little, it is the holidays! Use the same rule from the buffet, small bites of whatever you please. 
If you're hosting the party, make it easy for your guests to enjoy small portions by having half dollar sized cookies, mini cupcakes, and small brownies. 

I hope you are having a great start to the holiday season. Just because it's the holidays doesn't mean we need to gain any extra weight!

xo Nicole

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Sweater 101

Around this time of year, there's a high chance you can find me in a Christmas related sweater even if I'm not going to a Christmas Ugly Sweater Party. I just think they are adorable and festive and I love them! Today I put together a list of festive sweaters that are from a handful of different retailers and at different price points. These would be perfect if you have an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party coming up this season!

Hoover over the sweater to see the brand and price. Click to be directed to the exact product! 

I hope you enjoyed. Tell me in the comments if you have any Xmas sweaters you love!
xo Nicole

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

5 Easy Steps To Help You Reach Your Goal Weight

I feel like sometimes goal weights can impossible to reach. But they are a goal for a reason, and today I'm going to be sharing with you a few easy steps to help you hopefully reach that goal a little sooner!!

1. Keep Track.
Watching your daily calories can be tedious, however it is definitely a motivation. Look up calorie amounts and write them down in a food journal or an app like "my fitness pal". Count everything you put in your mouth even if it's a mint you grabbed from your favorite restaurant!!

2. Measure, Measure, Measure. 
Make sure you are using your measuring cups, spoons, and food scales on a daily basis. When you measure out the correct proportions, you are setting yourself up for success. If you try to eyeball your cereal, it will not be the correct/appropriate amount!

3. Save Calories.
Try and find easy ways to save a few extra calories. Switch out that coke for water. Use a turkey patty instead of beef. Snack on fresh veggies instead of a health bar.

4. Set Small Goals And Celebrate Them.
Loosing weight doesn't happen over night, it takes a long time. So if you set small goals for yourself you will feel successful along the way. Do not 'celebrate' with food or drinks (you're not a dog...), celebrate with pedicures and new workout clothes!

5. Eat 5 Times A Day.
I think this is my personal favorite tip because I love food ;). But really, to keep yourself from starving, keep a strict schedule of eating 5 times a day.
8am- breakfast
10- healthy snack (yogurt, banana)
12- lunch
3- healthy snack
6- dinner

Do you have any tips to help us reach our goal weights? Leave them in the comments!!
xo Nicole

Monday, December 8, 2014

Street Style

I am just in love with this vest and I can't get enough of it! I think it looks great with solid tops as well as patterned ones, like this plaid button down. Flannel is my favorite trend this season and I feel like I just can't stop wearing it and I don't want to. This shirt from Old Navy is so easy to throw on with everything and I've been wearing it so much this season!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I spent it working, looking at houses for college next year, and spending a lot of time with family. It was nice to take it easy, but this next week is finals week and I'm not looking forward to it!!

Hope you're doing well,
xo Nicole